Summer Song

9 01 2009

     Summer Song  The central segment of this mixed-media print is an etching which was inspired by  the spartina grasses, prevalent along the marsh edges of Cape Cod . I imagined the sound of the wind in the grasses expressed in the symbols in the  lowest section of the image.


16 03 2008
                                                   charactersOriginally uploaded by lesliekramer84

These are invented characters based on chinese calligraphy. The border is a piece of rice paper printed with ancient writing. Click on the image to see more work in the “Writings” series.

Palimpsest with gold leaf

16 03 2008

A palimpsest is a manuscript, often on parchment, which has been effaced, but traces of the original text remain. This etching is composed of layers of ancient alphabets, similar to the way that one civilization is based on the foundation of those which have preceded it.                                   


                             Palimpsest with gold leaf Originally uploaded by lesliekramer84