Boat in the Marsh

30 04 2017


All are invited to my pop-up art exhibit at Rhode Island School of Design on Saturday afternoon, May 27, from 2-4:30 p.m.. I hope you can stop in to see: “WATER & STONE” a show of original prints by LESLIE KRAMER, Benson Hall, RISD, 235 Benefit St, 1st. Fl. Artist Reception, Saturday, May 27, 2-4:30. Also open, Sunday May 28 , 11-5. Help celebrate my 50th Brown reunion and my 40th RISD reunion year!

Peacock/Le Paon

26 02 2015


Ocean Meditation II

25 06 2014
Artist's Reception:SATURDAY , JULY 5 , from 5:00- 7:00 P.M. COASTAL CRAFT GALLERY 2 Main St. Square, Orleans, MA 02635, (508)-255-0220 The artist will explain her working methods and printmaking techniques. View new monotypes from her “Waterworks” series. Refreshments will be served. The public is invited to attend.

monotype by Leslie Kramer

See “Exhibits” page.

Napoleon, par la Grace de Dieu

15 05 2014

Napolean, par la grace de Dieu


15 05 2014
This was inspired by some very old pages of writing that I purchased while visiting the medieval  town of Monpazier, while in the Dordogne region of France.

This was inspired by some very old pages of writing that I purchased while visiting the medieval town of Monpazier,  in the Dordogne region of France.

Indigo Sea, monoprint

10 09 2012


This is a recent monotype from my “Water Works” series


18 11 2010


Mixed media monotype mounted on board

This monotype is from the “characters” series .  It was conceived as a shrine to the ancestors, and includes fish bones to suggest the fact that we all originally came from the sea.  The central section is cut into the board and has an overlay of translucent rice paper.


18 11 2010

These are invented characters based on ancient Chinese pictographs.  The central quadrant has a translucent overlay to suggest a greater distance in time from these figures.

Mixed media monotype mounted on board


29 08 2010

This is a mixed media monoprint  which includes Japanese and Sanskrit writing as well as invented symbols.  The upper portion of the print contains the image of a happi coat which was a gift from a Japanese student.  This type of coat was used on a sort of pilgrimage , which I thought was a good metaphor for an artwork which involved making a creative journey.

Summer Song

9 01 2009

     Summer Song  The central segment of this mixed-media print is an etching which was inspired by  the spartina grasses, prevalent along the marsh edges of Cape Cod . I imagined the sound of the wind in the grasses expressed in the symbols in the  lowest section of the image.