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17 03 2008

                    Message 2Originally uploaded by lesliekramer84

This linocut is based on cunieform writing, with very old Nepalese printing blocks printed above and below.  A friend found these blocks in Nepal and purchased them for me.  It also includes gold paper in a process called chine-colle .  Chine-colle is a collage method for adding color to a print during the printing process.



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6 04 2008
Jan Kather

The website looks great! Today is the first day I have gotten the chance to look.

I am sure the weather on the Cape today will inspire some new work. This is a great way to see what you are doing!

27 04 2008
Aine Scannell

Hello Leslie….love this print of yours. Also have enjoyed looking through your other prints here on this blog – its looking really good !!
I am only now getting around to responding to your comment/question under my artwork on

I am sorry that I cannot remember where I sourced the text, which is embarrassing as I usually can.
I mean the text would usually have some bearing on the imagery. It was quite a while ago too. About 4 years ago!!

Sorry to disappoint you.

best wishes


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